Chantel Zales Body Measurements

Chantel Zales  Body Measurements 2020

Chantel Zales Height,Weight and Body measurement

Chantel Zales Height
  • Height in Feet 5 Feet 7 Inches
  • Height in Meters 1.73736 Meter
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Chantel Zales Weight
  • Weight in Kilograms 54KG
  • Weight in Pounds: 119.04948 lbs
Celebrity with Weight 54KG
Chantel Zales Body Measurements
  • Breasts-Waist-Hips in inches 37-25-36 Inches
  • Breasts-Waist-Hips in CM 93-63-91 CM
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Chantel Zales
Hair Color brown
Eye Color Hazel
Body shape hourglass
Race / ethnicity
Nationality Mexico
Chantel Zales Body Stats
Chantel Zales Body Mass Index (BMI) is 18. This is considered as underweight .
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Chantel Zales is 5 Feet 7 Inches (173.736 CM) tall

Quick Info Card

Full Name Chantel Zales
Nike Name Chantel
Date of birth 1990 , July, 6
Age 33 Years
Birth Place USA
Nationality Mexico
Sun Sign gemini

Quick Fact Check

  • Father Name none
  • Mother Name none
  • Sun Sign gemini
  • Networth $5.36 Million
  • Favorite Things none
  • Distinctive Features Her Curvaceous figure
  • Sibling none
  • Instagram Instagram
  • Twitter Twitter

Chantel Zales ? (Bio)

Chantel Zales is Instagram's most popular model, also known as a bikini model, which has become today's most famous Internet celebrity. She has made her mass million fans worldwide with her fitness tips and fashion design models.

This beauty was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on July 6, 1990. Her family moved to Phoenix, Arizona, where she was brought up at the age of four.

Chantel Zales modeling

                                                               Source: BikiniLuxe

Since a teenager, she was very active and athletic as she took part in several sports, including swimming and soccer. As she learned to play saxophone and violin, she was equally involved in classical music.

She is married to John Ferrance on the hit ABC show, Good Morning America, the senior broadcast producer.

Chantel Zales Networth

Chantel Zales currently has an estimated net worth of $5.36 Million and her an impressive salary of more than $80,000 a year. Zales is one of the world's highest earned models of Instagram. These online models may not be as popular as their counterparts on the runway, but they will certainly accumulate their fair share of wealth.

Chantel Zales has her hands full between her career as a highly sought-after model and fashion designer. Throughout her career, the Instagram bombshell has also attracted several large corporate endorsement deals that have translated into megabucks. She is also paid for hosting several exclusive shows and events because of her celebrity status.

Chantel Zales Education

Chantel Zales enrolled for her college education at Arizona State University, but it's unclear when she graduated. She was employed at a company when she graduated, where she took care of the logistics needed for ESPN boxing fights.

Chantel Zales Facts

  • Chantel Zales places cardio in at least 6 hours a week.
  • In her exercise routine, she also includes jogging / running to build up her stamina.
  • Zales, however, avoids weight-lifting because she wants to keep her curves and doesn't want too many muscles to build up.
  • She is an enthusiast of yoga, too. Chantel Zales includes yoga in her routine to help deal with stress for someone who has a quite busy schedule.
  • She equally maintains a healthy diet and drinks a sufficient amount of water.
  • She is the owner of the ' MODE DE VIE CHANTEL ' online fashion store that sells a variety of dresses, jumpsuits, swimwear, and more. To promote their products, many manufacturing companies approach her.


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